Remote Technology Changing

Are you used to using a remote control to control your electronic component such as your TV, VCR or other consumer electronic product? Well what you may not know if you haven't been into the current trends in the industry, is that it's all about to start changing. The purpose of the remote control is to make our lives easier as humans. They allow us to not have to get up to control whatever it is we are trying to control.

It's Changing

As the title suggests, the technology and the way that we control our devices are going to start changing and becoming more intuitive. Listed below is just a few of the ways this industry will start to change. Some of these new concepts may seem like science fiction, but all of these ideas are already being implemented into new devices for tomorrow.

  • Hand Gesture Technology
  • Cell Phone Applications
  • Tablet Applications
  • Voice Recognition Control

Motion and Hand Gesture Technology

This technology is made popular through recent game consoles such as the Wii (who was also the first to attempt such interaction), Xbox Kinect, and the Playstation Wand developed by Sony. What you may not be aware of, is that there are already manufacturers producing remotes for TV's, that can control common functionality of the TV via a hand gesture recognition system. One of these companies, is the LG Magic Remote, which you can also purchase from us.

Cell Phone Application Technology

Unlike motion sensor technology, this technology is coupled with a relatively new technology that has only become popular in the last ten years or less. Cell phones and applications that run on smart phones has recently taken off in popularity. The ability for a phone to interact and control all phases of your life, is one of the reasons, we feel that a smart phone app, able to control your tv, will continue to grow in popularity. If they can make it easy for a standard user to setup, we know that this technology will grow and may become the preferred way to interact with a user's television set. There are already Android and iPhone/Apple applications that allow a user to control their tv. For example smart tv's that include the ability to connect to the internet, and have their own applications, have the ability to interface with a smart phone device.


This is very similar to the smart phones, except instead of having a small pad to control your consumer electronic device. The advantages to this, is that a family could have one ipad or other tablet PC, that they can use as a central point for the entire household. Eventually in the future, this tablet will be able to control all the TV's and other consumer electronics in the house, plus control other not so common electronics in the house, such as the temperate control systems, lighting within the house, and maybe even kitchen appliances.

Voice Recognition

This technology is probably the one that'll take the longest to become a reality. And even though they continue to make advancements in this area, such as now you can call most large businesses and interact with a voice recognition software to manage your account. But there is still a lot that needs to be explored, before you are able to control your television through the use of your voice. The technology has always been what most people would consider the predecessor to the standard physical remote. Technology for voice recognition has increased, but still probably at least a decade away from seeing this used.

Overall, smart phone applications is most likely where the journey of the typical remote control for your consumer electronic products is most likely to go next.